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Exam Master’s board review for the ABUCM Urgent Care Certification Examination is available for acute care or ambulatory care physicians seeking certification or recertification in Urgent Care Medicine.  With over 1300 questions and explanations, our board review covers major subjects included in the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine (ABUCM) certification exam outline, provides detailed scoring feedback, and timed test and study modes. You can create exams by subject, category or sub-category.

Product Features: 

  • 1300 High Quality Board Style Questions
  • Based on the ABUCM exam blueprint
  • Detailed Explanations covering all answer choices
  • Detailed Scoring Feedback by Topic, Subject and Category
  • Create Your Own Flash Cards
  • Test and Study Modes, Timed or Untimed


Exam Master has almost ten years experience serving the Family Medicine Test Prep market.  Thousands of students, residents and physicians have used our system for a fast and efficient review of a broad and deep range of medical topics and subjects.  The rapid review, available explanations and detailed scoring feedback should be part of any board preparation plan.

Available nowhere else, Exam Master’s board review for the ABUCM Urgent Care Certification Examination offers the following:

  • Quickly assess your strengths and weaknesses through score reports
  • Save study time by focusing on what you need to know
  • Take realistic practice exams
  • Build your confidence to pass the exam!
Visit our website: www.exammaster.com/board-prep/medical-certification/urgent-care-abucm
Exam Master | 100 Lake Drive Suite 6 Newark, DE 19702 United States | 800x-572x-3627
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The National Urgent Care Center Accreditation program is an independent, non-profit organization that provides Accreditation to properly qualified Urgent Care Centers throughout the United States. The National Urgent Care Center Accreditation program is recognized by leading medical organizations to provide such Accreditation.